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9 Steps to get rid of dog fleas fast

If you have dogs as pets, there are likely to be thousands of dog fleas, as they do not take long to breed, while fleas are not as dangerous as ticks when it comes to transmitting diseases, your pet can still be allergic to flea bites In addition, infection can cause severe irritation, itching, and hair loss.

Dog fleas are one of the most horrific problems that can exist in the house because of their many calamities on the lives of people in the house in which they are located. Fleas may be present in the house in any place such as carpets, mattresses, or inside the places where you store the home’s storage, as well as the cupboard or any other place. You find fleas suitable for him.

They reside there and then multiply and spread in the house if they are not combated in the right and proper ways to get rid of them. Therefore, today we offer you some easy ways to get rid of this intrusive insect that troubles the lives of citizens.

Other ways to get rid of dog fleas, including the following:

1- Using various flea products to treat different parts of the flea life cycle, and be sure to read the label, and follow the instructions before use.

2- Using a vacuum cleaner; To clean carpets, tiled floors, etc., and dispose of the broom bag.

3- Using pesticides such as methoprene to control and eliminate dog fleas.

4- Patience and taking enough time, as most cases need between three to four months to get rid of fleas.

5- Using flea collars, and other products, but it is taken into account to consult a veterinarian about the appropriate method for the dog.

6- Washing the dog with a special shampoo to eliminate fleas, as these products kill fleas when applied to the dog.

7- Mow the lawn and keep it short, as fleas prefer to stay in grassy places.

8- Spraying carpets and furniture with boric acid powder, which will eliminate fleas, but caution must be taken while using it, as it is considered a dangerous product for dogs and pets, so it is recommended to spray it and stay away from the house.

9- Use an insect growth regulator, and spray it around the yard of the house, although it will not eliminate live fleas, but it will prevent them from multiplying.

Fleas comb

Insects can be removed from the dog’s hair with a fine-toothed insect comb, and focus on the areas to which insects escape, namely: the face and neck.

Tea tree shampoo

Tea tree shampoo is made from tea tree oil, which is characterized by its ability to fight bacterial infections, and has anti-fungal properties. “Ticks” and fleas on dogs, and its weekly use can help get rid of gfleas, and it is indicated that applying an amount of tea tree oil to the skin directly on a daily basis can contribute to controlling fleas at home, by placing the oil in a bottle Spray and spray it on the dog once a day, but it is recommended to consult a veterinarian before using tea tree oil on the dog, to avoid any unexpected and unwanted reactions.

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Here is a video for more ways to get rid of dog fleas.

Be careful

  • Do not use flea medication for dogs on cats, as many of the chemicals used in dog flea treatments are toxic to cats and can lead to death.
  • There are many highly effective flea products that can be dangerous to humans if touched for long periods of time. Use gloves whenever possible, and always wash your hands once using the treatment.
  • Pregnant or nursing women or children should avoid touching most flea products. Read the label on the package for warning instructions.
  • Be careful when combining multiple methods of getting rid of fleas. It may be best to consult your vet before treating with multiple methods together.

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