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7 Importent Steps For Dog Care

Dog care is very importent, just like a small child, he needs you time and attention to keep his health and his life for as long as possible, and live happily and healthy, and among the most important tasks that you have to take care of when acquiring a dog, are the following:

Teeth Dog Care

It is known that the dog’s teeth are the most vulnerable part of the injury, due to their love for chewing and picking up hard things, especially if there is a daily routine for the dog outside the house, so you should clean your dog’s teeth on a permanent and daily basis, to get rid of food remnants and stuck things.

Of course, it is necessary to use a specialized toothbrush and toothpaste for dogs, and there are many commercial types in the market, so you have to research well and find out the most appropriate type for your dog, its type and age.


You must trim, trim and clean your dog’s nails periodically, in order to maintain his health and cleanliness, but be careful and avoid that you trim his nails incorrectly.

The correct way is to trim the hind limb nails first, as they are shorter and easier, and avoid cutting the nail bed so as not to cause the dog to bleed.

Taking shower

Keep your dog clean periodically, unlike cats, dogs do not clean themselves automatically, and need extra care and attention, to keep them from insects and fleas, especially in the summer months.

Therefore, bathe your dog at least once a month, as dogs do not need to bathe a lot, so that they can keep the moisturizing oils in their fur, but if your dog is exposed to a lot of dirt, of course you should bathe him if necessary, taking into account the temperature of the air, and water.

Combing the fur

Periodic combing of the dog’s fur is the best thing you can offer him, especially if it is one of the breeds that has thick and fine hair, in order to prevent confusion and clash, in addition to protecting against damage from parasites and insects that live inside the fur.


You must give your dog the necessary vaccinations, serums, and vaccines for prevention, on time, such as tuberculosis, rabies, and Lyme disease.

Read This Article For More Informations About Dog Vaccinations.

Periodic examination

Do a periodic examination of the dog’s droppings, to make sure that there are no intestinal parasites, or worms, but if you find your dog infected with one of them, you must show him to the doctor, and give him the necessary treatment.

Continuous medical examination

Continuous medical examination of your dog will keep you from getting heartworm, a disease transmitted between dogs, due to mosquito bites.

Helpful ideas

  • Regularly check the FDA website to see dog care foods.
  • If your dog is very aggressive at times, approach him slowly and carefully. Do not approach your dog from behind, as he may see this as a sign of aggression and bite you.


  • Never hit your dog! This is brutal behavior and will only make your dog afraid of you. Instead, show clear opposition by stopping the deal. Instead, use positive engagement to encourage good behavior.
  • Show interest in your dog’s behavior. Dogs usually give signs if something isn’t right. If you notice a change in your dog’s behavior or actions that indicate discomfort, take him to the vet for an examination.

These were the most important tips for best dog care.

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